Bailey Nickel

Certified Massage Therapist


"Bailey is truly amazing! Her knowledge of anatomy and how our soft tissue works is beyond inspirational. She is a delight to work with and is very committed to finding what works for each individual. Both my husband and I work with her and we highly recommend her body work/massage." - Jennifer D. (MassageBook, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey is the very best!" Courtney S. (MassageBook, Terrene Massage)


"I see Bailey every 3 weeks. I can not live without her. I work an office job where I'm bent over a computer for 8+ hours. I recommend her to all who is need!" - Sarah W. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"This was the best massage I have ever had! She is so strong and very thorough! What a gem to have in Charlottesville!!!!" - Bunny (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Terrene massage is great! I go for monthly massages, and they make a huge difference in how I feel. Thank you, Bailey!" - Ellen W. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey's massage treatments have helped me tremendously in recent months to heal from a back injury and also a neck misalignment. She is always skillful, thorough, and professional. A massage from her is a relaxing, healing experience, and I am happy to recommend her." - Nancy D. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey is great! So strong, and listens to your specific needs. Def recommend!" - Bailey S. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey offers great massages tailored to my needs in a very peaceful environment." - Brenda L. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey (as always) finds the spots most in need and then applies the exquisite balance of pressure and speed to affect release. Fantastic." - Michael D. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"Bailey is the best! She gives a great massage, is respectful and friendly, and I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else!" - Jane A. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage)


"I have had knots in my shoulders for years, it’s where I hold my stress. Bailey knows exactly how to break it up and bring much needed relief to that area! I have also recently had an injury to my lower back which included a bulging disk. It hindered mobility and pressed on my sciatic nerve causing discomfort all down the back of my thigh. Bailey could feel the area and knew exactly what to do! She also gives incredible tips on home exercises and stretches as well. I always leave with more knowledge then I came in with about massage and techniques. My husband and daughter go to her now as well! I am so grateful I was referred to her and will always go to her and refer her to everyone! Bailey is amazing! Make an appointment immediately! You won’t regret it! ❤️" - Trish P. (Google reviews, Terrene Massage) 


“The massage was very relaxing and it helped me sleep that night, I mainly wanted stress relief and help with my insomnia. Also the work on my neck area helped my range o motion.” - Joy J. (Signpost, Terrene Massage) 7/18/20


“Bailey is the best!” - Jennifer D. (Signpost, Terrene Massage) 10/25/19 


“I really don't get a massage that often. Maybe once every couple years but Bailey did an amazing job! She focused on my trouble spot while checking with me about the pressure. She took every precaution to make sure that I was safe and comfortable.” - Glen B. (Signpost, Terrene Massage) 8/10/20


"I have been a frequent customer since of Terrene Massage for two years. Bailey,the Massage therapist,  is excellent. She has been very helpful in providing assistance in resolving complications associated with a herniated disc." - Terra P. (Yelp, Terrene Massage) 4/20/20


"I’ve been participating in Island Fitness’ Train to Climb program all through the climbing off season now.  It is a strenuous 6 month program designed to prepare people to climb Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.  During this period massage has played a very important part of my training.  Even as the training workload increases, longer hikes with more weight, I am able to complete each week with less pain during workouts and less strain on my body as I prepare to summit both peaks this summer.  Just a few more training weeks to go and my shoulders feel fine even carrying the extra weight and despite a brief flare-up of knee pain, with massage I can now complete my training sessions without pain.  Massage has played an integral part of my training regimen." -Veronica B.

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